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Release of 2016 Eagle

Eaglet Independence Flies

Picture of Independence Release at Wachusett Reservoir

The 2016 Webster Lake eagle (now named "Independence") has been rehabilitated at Tufts University (under the supervision of Mass. Wildlife) and released at Wachusett Reservoir. As many people know, Independence broke a femur when he (yes, a male) unexpectedly jumped from the nest during the banding process. Tufts did a great job, splinting the femur, then helping Independence to learn feeding, flying, and hunting on his own before being released.

Wachusett Reservoir was chosen for the release site for two reasons:
1. George and Martha (the parents) were unlikely to offer more parental care because of the extended separation.
2. Independence has spent a lot of time around humans and it was deemed an advantage to release him in a place where he could develop with less human contact.

The release went smoothly, as reported by Bill Davis of Mass. Wildlife. When the sky kennel was opened, Independence took flight almost immediately and soared out over the lake.

Note that the name "Independence" has a double significance. It fits with the patriotic theme apparent in the rest of the Webster Lake eaglets and it signifies the independence attained by the eaglet after rehabilitation.

From Al Huefner
History of Eagles Born to George and Martha on Webster Lake
(6 young eagles over 4 years)

Table of Young Eagles

Many THANKS to Al Huefner for his years of diligent tracking of the eagles on Webster Lake and for his wonderful reports, both in meetings and through Email. We were lucky to have Al and he will be missed.