Webster Lake Association


Professional Photos of our Eagles on Webster Lake

The Webster Lake Association is teaming with Steve Birtz, a local professional photographer, to sell large prints of photographs of our Eagles on Webster Lake. These pictures are of the highest quality and professionally framed and they would make a wonderful gift. See Prices and Ordering information at the bottom of this web page.

1. Eagle with Baby in Nest

2. Soaring Eagle

3. Eagle Landing on Top Branch

4. Majestic Eagle

5. Eagle with Fish

6. Eagle about to Take Off

7. Eagle Coming in for Landing in Tree

8. Eagle on Tree near Nest
Sample of a Framed Print

Prices and sizes:
Picture Size Frame Size Price
8 1/2 x 11 11 x 14 $95.00
11 x 17 16 x 20 $130.00
13 x 19 18 x 24 $150.00

To order, contact Francine Erickson at 508-943-9022.

She also has a framed photo to see.

The Photos are numbered. Please refer to number when ordering.

Remember that the photos above are low-resolution samples. The actual prints are beautifully clear, even in the largest sizes.