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Lake Level 2015

Paul LaFramboise, of LaFramboise Water Service, has provided this short discussion of the reasons for the current low water level.

Beginning in late fall of 2014, a family of beavers moved into the area north of the beach, Stump Pond. This is also the location of the dam and gates where the lake level is controlled.

Trappers were called in to move the beavers. Unfortunately, they created quite a mess with a great deal of it ending up in the dam and control gates. Making things worse, we had many issues with the extreme ice and the associated ice melt.

Now to top things off, it has not rained this spring. Over the last 45 days, we are approximately 3.56 in. below average rainfall for the period. When it does rain, the lake level will rise, but not until we get to a minimum average rainfall.

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To get a better idea of how the lake levels change,
See Lake Level Charts on the Monitoring Data page.
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