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Weed Treatment Scheduled for 6/26/2014

Areas of Webster Lake will be chemically treated with USEPA/MA registered aquatic herbicides on Thursday, June 26, 2014 to control nuisance and invasive aquatic vegetation.
June 26 (Day of Treatment):
Entire lake closed for swimming and other water contact recreation.
June 26-July 1:
For a period of 5 days after treatment, the lake water cannot be used for:

  • Drinking,
  • Irrigation (i.e. watering lawns, gardens or plants of any kind)
  • Consumption by livestock (refers to cattle, horses, etc,)
  • Note that pets/wildlife will not be harmed that may ingest the lake water while swimming.
In addition, on June 26 (Day of Treatment):
The Town Boat Ramp will be closed to launching of boats.
The Town Beach will be closed.

Map of Treatment Area
A map of the lake showing the treated/restricted areas will be posted at both the town and state boat launches and it is also available on this WLA website (See below). Printed signs and warning of these and any other water use restrictions will be posted around the lake shoreline in advance of treatment.

Weed Treatment Map for 06/29/2014

The work is being performed under a License to Apply Chemicals permit issued from MA DEP and an Order of Conditions from the Webster Conservation Commission. Aquatic Control Technology of Sutton will be performing this work for the Webster Lake Association.