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Sunset and Full Moon Paddle - 8/10/14 - 6:00 PM


The paddle is to launch from Point Breeze Restaurant/Marina located on Webster Lake at 114 Point Breeze Road. We plan this to be a relaxed paddle going out on the lake just before sunset and paddling to an area near Goat Island to watch the Sunset and the moon rise,which is 17 minutes before sunset. We may not see the moon rise as there will still be quite a bit of daylight but we will surely see it as the sun disappears. This moon has many names: Sturgeon Moon, Green Corn Moon, Grain Moon and Super Moon. Super moon because it is the closest the moon will be to the earth this year and will therefore be the largest moon we will see.

There will be room for a few vehicles near the Marina Launch site but when it is filled, you can park your vehicles back up the hill in the restaurant parking lot. Park on the grass end of the restaurant parking lot to leave room for the patrons of the restaurant. Please don't jam up the Marina parking lot or the restaurant parking lot, leave room near the restaurant for dinner patrons to park and leave room in the Marina Parking lot for boaters with slips to have a place to park.

We want to be sure all paddlers get back safely. We are asking you to sign up so we will know how many people are paddling with us. In order to give us an idea of how many plan to attend, please send me an email at: ernieb@charter.net with your name email and phone number. This will help with the registration process; we will just have to check off your name.
There is no fee.

6:00 PM till 6:30 PM Registration. Come earlier and have dinner in the Restaurant.
6:30 PM launching all boats, kayaks, canoes and any other type of paddle craft down at the Marina. If there is time we will gather in the water in front of the restaurant for a group photo and then we will be off paddling. We may not be following the course on the map below so follow the leader.
7:55 Sunset and we should be watching it a short distance from the takeout out by Goat Island or wherever is best that evening.
7:38 PM Moonrise make sure you all have flashlights.

For safety reasons and to cover the law everyone must have a life vest and please wear it. You should also have a bright flashlight and a whistle because we are paddling in the twilight & after sunset. A flashlight should be handy to signal to any approaching boats that you are present and to avert a collision. It is not necessary to have a flashlight on all the time when it gets dark. Having a flashlight on at all times will ruin your night vision and that of other paddlers, so only turn on a white light when you sense danger or need to see something clearer. A signaling device (horn, whistle, or bell) is advised as it is a state law to carry one.

We will have a pontoon boat following throughout the paddle in case we have any weary paddlers and for safety reasons.
If anyone capsizes or needs help please blow your whistle. If someone blows a whistle because they are in distress blow your whistle so the safety boat is aware there is an emergency.

Directions to Point Breeze Restaurant
Directions to Point Breeze Restaurant: If traveling from North or South get off Interstate Highway 395 at exit # 1. Travel South on Route 193 / Thompson road about 1.2 miles to the entrance of Point Breeze road on your left. There is a large sign for Point Breeze Restaurant right where you turn. Note that Point Breeze Road is opposite the Hospital Emergency Room Entrance. The restaurant is ½ mile down Point Breeze Road, just keep going till you see the big white building. The launch site is down South Point Road (big hill) and to the left into the Marina. Follow the yellow track on the map below: Launch site N42° 2.0485' W71° 50.34177'