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Purchase 2018 WLA Memberships
and/or Make Donations Online

This method is intended for new members and for membership renewals for the 2018 calendar year (1/1-12/31). To pay for other years, contact the membership chair.

There are two phases required to make a payment through Paypal:
Phase 1: Load Paypal Shopping Cart.
Phase 2: Checkout. (To complete your purchase, you must "Check Out".)

Phase 1 uses two pages, this WLA page, and the Paypal Shopping Cart page.
Initial payments are made via three buttons at the left of this current WLA page.
All three go to the Paypal Shopping Cart page.
The first "Add to Cart" button adds $25 and one membership.
The second "Add to Cart" button adds a donation of your choice.
The third button ("View Cart") just goes to the Shopping Cart page.

Once you are on the Shopping Cart page, you can either go back to the WLA page to add more payments or check out.
To go back to the WLA page, either:
    Use the browser tabs or
    Use the "Continue Shopping" link (Doesn't always work).

Phase 2: When you are ready to check out, go to the Shopping Cart page.
    There are two buttons there: "Paypal Check Out" and "Check Out".
    If you are a Paypal member, choose "Paypal Check Out".
    if not, choose "Check Out".

Paypal members then complete their payment using Paypal.
Others enter Credit card info, then complete their payment.

Remember: To complete your payments, you must "Check Out."

Note: You need not join Paypal if you Check Out with a Credit Card.

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