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Volunteers Are Great

Help the WLA in protecting the beauty of our Lake.

Pick something that sounds like fun
Bring your special talents to bear.

Members can choose to volunteer in a wide variety of ways.
The tasks vary in responsibility, flexibility, time of year, amount of time required, type of work, and so forth.

If You're Not Sure What You Want To Do:
If you don't have a good idea of what you could do and want some help in deciding how you might like to get involved:
Email to: Cathy Pokorny
or phone Cathy: (617) 462-0080.

If you have an idea about what you would like to do, you can Email any of the following people. Some sample tasks are listed. There are lots of others:

Lake Water Testing:
Collect water samples 3 times a year with a group of 6-7 people.
Analyze or deliver samples.
Email to: Gloria Ricker

Ice-Out Einstein:
Distribute tickets around the community.
Collect and tally tickets.
Email to: Steve Washburn

Golf Tournament:
Work on event publicity and signs.
Help with contacting sponsors.
Assist on the day of the tournament.
Serve as event photographer.
Email to: Cathy Pokorny

Solicit and organize articles for Newsletters.
Take or collect pictures that might be of interest to members.
Email to: Antoinette Dobosz

Book A Cruise:
Arrange for pontoon boats to donate lake tours.
Work with Library for event publicity.
Serve as event photographer.
Email to: Ray Travis

Senior Lake Outing:
Arrange for pontoon boats to donate lake tours.
Oversee arrangements such as food prep, chairs, etc.
Serve as event photographer.
Email to: Jean Travis

"For the Sake of the Lake" Drawing
Assist with early ticket sales and handling.
At the August WLA Meeting, help with ticket sales and the drawing.
Email to: Cathy Pokorny

Lake Paddles:
Assist with notification and publicity.
Help with leadership and organization on day of paddle.
Email to: Ernie Benoit

Web Site:
Check website for consistency, timeliness, correctness, etc.
Help in organizing and building picture galleries.
Email to: Nick Buehler